Other Funeral

Taken into care and transport to crematorium

Care in mortuary

Documentation and certificates

Oak veneer coffin

Crematorium fees

Doctor’s fees

Scattering of ashes


There is nothing simple about it, it contains all the essential elements of a respectful farewell. The most significant benefit of the simple funeral is that the family is empowered to take control of the memorial service. The family decides when, where and how the memorial service is conducted and make all the arrangements. Only the aspects of a funeral that needs experience and special equipment is handled by Willow & Green. This makes the funeral more affordable and the memorial service more private and personal. Willow & Green can ensure that the remains of the deceased is present at the memorial service.

Many families prefer this more modern and personal approach. It also gives the family the opportunity to show their love and support by helping with the memorial service arrangements.

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Other Funeral £999.00

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