Green Projection

We aim to be the first environmentally friendly funeral service provider in the UK, our purpose will be to serve grieving families in an ecologically sound manner. We believe funerals should fit your needs and be affordable, without costing the earth.

Green foot

How environmentally friendly is Willow & Green Ltd planning to be?

Water Cremation Renewable Energy Electric Vehicles Natural Resources
Our future projection is to incorporate Green funerals with water cremations known as Resomation which only uses 15% of the energy required for flame cremation. It also causes no air pollution. All of Willow & Green’s energy needs will be met using renewable sources like wind and solar power. Willow & Green are aiming to use electric vehicles to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations. The water used for Water Cremation (also known as resomation) will be all-natural rain water collected at the premises.